Entering Virtual Reality with a Site-Specific immersive Opera

I have been collaborating on the creation and development of a storyline for an Opera with Writer/Director Karen Dee Carpenter. The music along with the mini opera was performed first as a work in progress at the Boston Court Theater with strings and singers. We are currently developing the work into a Virtual Reality immersive experience which brings the audience to a specific location where they will experience the operatic storyline. The enchanting mythological story takes the viewer/listener into a dark and mysterious realm where a Siren aims to lure a group of sailors to their death. VR provides a space for immersion to captivate the audience with music and visuals. 

 Performing my music composition as violinist with strings and singers at the Boston Court Theater, Pasadena

Performing my music composition as violinist with strings and singers at the Boston Court Theater, Pasadena

The project is currently at the stage of releasing a teaser/sizzle reel which was shot using a green screen and includes musical sections of the piece. 

 Composer-Singer-Director team shooting the Teaser for our Muse of the Underworld VR Opera

Composer-Singer-Director team shooting the Teaser for our Muse of the Underworld VR Opera

Virtual reality is an exciting new platform that I look forward to immersing myself in further with my company Emersion Music. 

Writing Music for Film and TV

 Worked as part of the music team on such Film and TV projects since coming to LA

Worked as part of the music team on such Film and TV projects since coming to LA

I have been writing music for film here in LA and have worked on some great film projects which has both inspired and pushed me forward as a film composer. I have had the opportunity of working on projects with Johnny Klimek such as 'Jungle' starring Daniel Radcliffe and the Netflix series 'Sense 8', as well as with Mark Isham on 'The Mechanic Resurrection'. I have worked as main composer on recent films such as the feature documentary 'Faith' by Molly Pelavin and 'Whadd'ya Say' by Karl Harpur. 

the passage to hollywood


After writing music for film, I realized I wanted to go further in this direction and applied to the MFA program at Columbia College Chicago in film scoring, where I was accepted with a full scholarship. After two intense years at Columbia, I packed up and moved to LA to enter the Hollywood Scene. Now LA is my home, and I am a full-time working composer and violinist living in North Hollywood. 

Vienna and Urban Innovative Music Performances



While living in  Vienna, Austria, I became deeply involved with grass roots movements and urban think-tankers, looking at using arts for urban innovation. This led me to immersive storytelling through site-specific music performances. By opening up the realms of the concert hall, I aimed at giving wider audiences access to musical performances within an alternative setting. Out into the urban city, I chose a building in the 4th district of Vienna, silently waiting to be demolished,  occupied temporarily by artists and artist ateliers, and transformed it into a musical dreamscape which brought people together to experience an enchanting musical performance where music and performers interacted with the architectural space. The project was a site-specific performance called 'Soundproof'-Shield yourself from daily city life and enter a panorama of music and sound.'  Info on the project at: http://emerviolinist.wixsite.com/artistmotion

The project aimed at creating a conversation between Music and Architecture and crossing borders between different artistic disciplines. An enchanting lighting design was established to amplify the mood of the space and bring the audience into another world. 

Social scoring

My next project was a project called Social Scoring, where I aimed to activate different spots of the city of Vienna by bringing musicians into a conversation with the city and with themselves. Rappers worked with classical musicians, classical musicians improvised with jazz artists. Each learned something from the others' style and perspective and a sharing of ideas took place. Pop up improvisation concerts took place along the border of the Vienna Gurtel (belt) which was a divide in the city between different social classes. Bars and cafes welcomed this classical fusion and audiences opened their ears and minds to experiencing something different out of their daily routines and local hotspots. I integrated a quartet together with a rap artist into a performance intervention that took place after a park movie event. Audiences were presented with music that they would have not normally experienced or expected, gathering to watch a movie in a park. 

My experiences with Social Scoring were published in a book format and is available to purchase from the Austrian education press -Akademiker Verlag at the following link. They have an office in New York and Vienna.  https://www.akademikerverlag.de/catalog/details//store/de/book/978-3-330-50453-0/social-scoring

World Builder

2011-07-24 19.41.39.jpg

I consider myself to be a world builder, someone who explores new territories and seeks to expand the perceptions of every day life by creating new portals for exploration and discovery. As a musician, I use music to create these worlds and to immerse people in story-based creations, whether that be presented with film, alternative performances or inter-disciplinary artistic productions. 

I have lived, studied and worked in many different countries across the world. Beginning in Dublin, Ireland, I set off as a concert violinist at the age of 18 to London, UK for 4 years, studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and then to Vienna, Austria at the University for Music and Performing Arts and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna for 5 years, and in between I  lived in Berlin for 1 year, working as a violinist and beginning my first projects as a film composer.  Such musically enriched capitals opened my eyes to my own personal goals of storyline creation and led me to creating my own music and entering the path of music composition to create worlds which integrate my violin playing using my own personal creative language and vision.   

This blog gives an insight into the vast worlds which I create and explore through my creative projects as a composer, violinist and creative developer.