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I consider myself to be a world builder, someone who explores new territories and seeks to expand the perceptions of every day life by creating new portals for exploration and discovery. As a musician, I use music to create these worlds and to immerse people in story-based creations, whether that be presented with film, alternative performances or inter-disciplinary artistic productions. 

I have lived, studied and worked in many different countries across the world. Beginning in Dublin, Ireland, I set off as a concert violinist at the age of 18 to London, UK for 4 years, studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and then to Vienna, Austria at the University for Music and Performing Arts and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna for 5 years, and in between I  lived in Berlin for 1 year, working as a violinist and beginning my first projects as a film composer.  Such musically enriched capitals opened my eyes to my own personal goals of storyline creation and led me to creating my own music and entering the path of music composition to create worlds which integrate my violin playing using my own personal creative language and vision.   

This blog gives an insight into the vast worlds which I create and explore through my creative projects as a composer, violinist and creative developer.