creating connections through music

Music has been a part of my life since the age of 2 when as I recall, it connected me with stories by awakening my emotions and opening my senses. My appreciation and respect for it’s power and beauty has led me on a journey through many countries, cities, people and places. I recognize that my love for it has only grown stronger and when I have the opportunity to escape into serenity, the beauty of art, internal strength, and magic are on my mind.

My focus is on creating art that encapsulates the dynamic movement of the modern diverse city. As a relatively solitary musician, I seek to find internal and external connections within the city on my journey of self discovery, and much of what you see are my discoveries along the way of the many faces which bring vibrance and movement to city life and urban environments. City spaces are nothing without them and the many activities and inhabitants. With the talents and education I have for composing, I’ve made it my mission to connect people and show them the beauty which exists around us in our everyday lives through music. 

 immersive concerts in the city


Previous successful projects include the site-specific immersive concert 'Soundproof' for which I was creator, artistic director, composer and violinist. Musicians performed out of windows in a circular architectural building. Audience and musicians could move around the building and hear the composition from different levels and perspectives. This project was supported by a grant from the city of Vienna, Austria. You can support future concerts on my Patreon page:

The Site-Specific Immersive Concert Experience Soundproof-Vienna Austria 2013

The Site-Specific Immersive Concert Experience Soundproof-Vienna Austria 2013

life’s cycle-paralysis

Live performance of work in Vienna, Austria. Paralysis is a piece that takes the listener on a journey of an inhibited soul. It represents the struggles and inability to move forward in ones life while remaining in a constant loop and cycle of constraints created my ones mind.

virtual reality

This is an immersive Virtual Reality VR180 experience created by #5GyresAmbassador Sabrina Stoll. Music by Emer Kinsella